Kiklo’s Premium Blockchain Snapshot Service

You will need a program that can uncompress rar files to access the files.
Tech Tips: Always scan a download for Viruses before installing , one such service is .

Our Blockchain Snapshots can be installed on a New or Already Working Wallet.
SnapShots will install much Faster than the BootStraps.
Difference between a Bootstrap vs a Snapshot.

Instructions on How to Install a Bootstrap.dat file is on the very next Post.
Instructions on How to Install a SnapShot is included when you click on the SnapShot Link in the following table.

Coins…………………………. Blockchain Snapshop BootStrap………………… BTCTALK FORUM………..
808 808 Snapshot N/A 808 Forum
1337 1337 Snapshot N/A 1337 Forum
BitBean BitBean Snapshot N/A BitBean Forum
Blackcoin BlackCoin Snapshot N/A Blackcoin Forum
Bottlecaps BottleCaps Snapshot N/A Bottlecaps Forum
BTCtalkcoin BTCtalkcoin Snapshot N/A BTCtalkcoin Forum
CloakCoin Cloakcoin SnapShot N/A Cloakcoin Forum
Diamond Diamond SnapShot N/A Diamond Forum
E-CurrencyCoin E-CurrencyCoin SnapShot N/A E-CurrencyCoin Forum
Einsteinium Einsteinium SnapShot N/A Einsteinium Forum
EverGreenCoin EverGreenCoin SnapShot N/A EverGreenCoin Forum
HoboNickels HoboNickel SnapShot N/A HoboNickels Forum
Kobocoin Kobocoin SnapShot N/A Kobocoin Forum
Mintcoin Mintcoin SnapShot N/A Mintcoin Forum
Netcoin Netcoin SnapShot N/A Netcoin Forum
Noblecoin Noblecoin SnapShot N/A Noble Forum
Pandacoin Pandacoin Snapshot BootStrap Panda Forum
PhilosopherStone PhilosopherStone Snapshot N/A PHStone Forum
SativaCoin SativaCoin Snapshot BootStrap SativaCoin Forum
Sprouts Sprouts Snapshot N/A Sprouts Forum
Supercoin Supercoin Snapshot N/A Supercoin Forum
Tekcoin Tekcoin Snapshot N/A Tekcoin Forum
Truckcoin Truckcoin Snapshot N/A Truckcoin Forum

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____
Services for BlockChain SnapShots
Direct Link to Snapshot download
Exact Date created included in the Snapshot Post
SHA-256 Hash Generated so you can verify the File download matches the original created file.
Snapshot & BootStrap Updated every 2 weeks
Current Price is 250 thousand ZEIT per month per coin to add these options.
(Only ZEIT Accepted)