A new mandatory Pandacoin release is now available.  Version 4.11.8

This release focuses on removing the timestamp field from individual transactions to make transactions more compatible with upstream style transactions, meaning it will become easier to develop third-party software related to Pandacoin in the future.

Transaction format version 4 has been added.

Transaction format v4 enables the omittance of the nTime flag within individual transactions.
This allows building transactions to be more in line with the upstream format commonly known from Bitcoin Core.
This change requires a client upgrade prior to Mon 1 Aug 12:00:00 UTC 2022


  • new transaction format version 4 that omits nTime
    • fork scheduled on Mon 1 Aug 12:00:00 UTC 2022
  • merged peercoin 0.11.7 codebase
    • allow usage of presigned coinstakes
    • importcoinstake method
    • allow pubkey vouts in createrawtransaction
    • coinstake support in createtransaction rpc
    • timestamp in rpc methods
    • rework overriding of transaction version
    • set minting icon for mint transactions in overview
    • add check for latest version from github
    • persist unlocked for minting state
    • qt minting table fixes
    • rpc amount truncation fixes
    • new hardened checkpoint
    • prune residue cleanup
    • style and bug fixes
  • various bugfixes

The new release can be downloaded from https://pandacoin.tech/wallet