New Electrum lightweight wallets

Crypto Depot supported coin Electrum wallets are now being made available for Download!

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin wallet, we have made our own version to support Pandacoin PND, the Cypherfunks FUNK and ZeitCoin.

You can find out more about using an Electrum lightweight wallet at the Bitcoin Electrum Documentation site here

Digital Pandacoin Electrum 2.7.12 Electrum client for Digital Pandacoin for windows. (Stable Version)
Checksum: EA458E9ED60826CEA2BFD5C569B9D7619BF986C429963A917F0A0A016115C75F can be used to verify the above SHA-256 checksum.

Cypherfunk Electrum – Electrum client for Cypherfunk for Windows.

4B268E0FC6A875058DCE040FA872FDB2A2D3A24158402932E7C345E3D6033984 can be used to verify the above SHA-256 checksum.

Pandacoin Voting System

A new project we have been working on here at Crypto Depot recently is a Pandacoin based voting system that will use Digital Pandacoin transactions to allow for vote casting, We are still in the early development stages of this project at the moment but it is available for use and feedback right here.