Cypherfunk Snapshot

(The Fastest Way to Sync)
Wallet Version 0.15.2 used with this Snapshot
Created: 7-23-2018
_______________________________________________________________________________ ____
You will need a program that can uncompress tar.gz files, example:

Windows Snapshot
Checksum: 5026A2C656CE3535CBEF238E36A83DAFFCC983C7E272A8234731EE4A09B20FAD

Linux Snapshot
Filename: cypherfunk-snapshot-linux-03-15-2019.tar.gz
Checksum: C7F50CE67DFD07AEC7A321C0F6E8DBBAF307DF8EE9D598C912F70FF2A18460A1 can be used to verify the above SHA-256 checksum.
NEW Wallet: Install Instructions
Make a cypherfunk folder under C:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\
Then Extract and copy the files from cypherfunkBlockchainSnapShot.rar into
Then open cypherfunk-qt.exe and it will start syncing the BlockChain from the last snapshot.

ACTIVE Wallet:Install Instructions ,
(Be sure to have a backup of your Wallet.dat 1st)
Make sure cypherfunk is closed
Go under c:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\Cypherfunk (for Windows) or in the cypherfunk data folder for other OSes
Then Delete 5 files : .lock & blk0001.dat & blk0002 & db.log & debug.log
Then Delete 2 folders named : database & txleveldb
Then Extract and copy the files from cypherfunkBlockchainSnapshot into
Then open cypherfunk and it will start syncing the BlockChain from the last snapshot.

Once your cypherfunk Wallet is completely Synced.
Check your Balance, if the Balance is incorrect.
Click on Help, click Debug Window, click Console,
type in repairwallet and hit enter, then check your Balance
If Balance is still not correct.
Then From a Command Prompt run cypherfunk-qt -rescan
will take a little while but should correct your balance info.