A new mandatory Pandacoin release is now available.

A new mandatory Pandacoin release is now available.  Version 4.11.7
This release focuses on removing the timestamp field from individual transactions to make transactions more compatible with upstream style transactions, meaning it will become easier to develop third-party software related to Pandacoin in the future.

The full rollout will happen on Mon 1 Aug, 2022 please make sure you have your node(s) upgraded by then.

The new release can be downloaded from https://pandacoin.tech/wallet

Mandatory Pandacoin Upgrade

Pandacoin has made further upgrades to their core wallet.
This is a mandatory (read: everyone must upgrade) release.

The easiest way to upgrade is to just download and re-install using the installer from here https://pandacoin.tech/wallet

Find out about Pandacoin here http://cryptodepot.org/currencies/pandacoin/



  • add pow pos lockstep: fork date Mon 01 Nov 10:00:00 UTC 2021
  • rebased to peercoin 0.10.4 codebase
    • rebased to bitcoin core 0.20.2 codebase
  • new panda splash screen
  • added docker release: https://hub.docker.com/r/pandacoin/pandacoind
  • expanded appimage support
  • default development branch switched from release-0.9 to release-0.10
  • fixed issue with -reindex

Major Pandacoin upgrade!

Pandacoin had a major upgrade and a required network swap on May 17, 1PM (UTC + 2) in order to modernise the project, and step away from the limitations that Pandacoin faced under its previous codebase.

New mandatory update available now.  See http://cryptodepot.org/mandatory-pandacoin-upgrade/

Learn about Pandacoin here : http://cryptodepot.org/currencies/pandacoin/

Check out the Pandacoin blog here https://medium.com/@Pandacoin_PND