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Last Update: December 11th 2017, 4:48 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Zeitcoin to either the Yes or No Zeitcoin address provided

Would the community support an Electrum Server/Client for ZeitCoin?
ZeitCoin Open Source Electrum Client - ZeitCoin Open Source Electrum Server
Vote Yes: Meo6teAvFndJTz7waP2oyLpbxJB2of45QG
Vote No: Ms1RypLbK5Rp1vH3itcirWNmXvichKJi6k
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
Meo6teAvFndJTz7waP2oyLpbxJB2of45QG 9477344f2c6ee1aea66935d2ad99c32553a03caa875c339e0d78fe7b910bc5d1 54.9283 ZEIT
Meo6teAvFndJTz7waP2oyLpbxJB2of45QG 0af52864c5211edde7d930f36c64ee94cf21f84dac84e621cca3a99823281518 32.0399 ZEIT
Meo6teAvFndJTz7waP2oyLpbxJB2of45QG 4f760b5b4415497de4797e10bc5b342076a6577da000bbd901950ec4a5d7e504 123 ZEIT
Meo6teAvFndJTz7waP2oyLpbxJB2of45QG 58619a15ebb8e110ed576e188d36ba502c91e0b69c5e83bbc073fb778510f5d9 1300000 ZEIT
Meo6teAvFndJTz7waP2oyLpbxJB2of45QG 585d65a73c6b2172106ea047f11ab35f1f529deba4f81d6f280a681ecda7916f 500000 ZEIT

Votes Yes: 5
Total ZEIT 1800209.9682
Total Votes: 5

Votes No: 0
Total ZEIT 0
All Zeitcoin used to vote are added as donations to our Zeitcoin Faucet.
Github Link.

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