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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 4:00 pm UTC
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Should the Pandacoin Development team prioritize the Virtual PandaBank setup guide?
We have setup the latest Virtual PandaBank as a Public demonstrator, so anyone can see and test it without the need to load any software on their pc. This is just a demonstrator and may be used by anyone, and even multiple users at once sharing control. Do not send it many Digital Pandacoin as anyone can spend them and we may want to rebuild it frequently. To connect with your browser click here: Password is: testpasswrd To find out more and or have your own Virtual PandaBank see our Guide here:
Vote Yes: PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR
Vote No: PUbneFFdRG8kq69m3L6z8AWyv6nqR2Zh51
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR e3a84f7ee4deb2bd0e5c70e7f81522e2627327194f74a5618d5b8de47fa25a01 1 PND
PUbneFFdRG8kq69m3L6z8AWyv6nqR2Zh51 4f3fa6f9c4c43eff515b049230b30f7395f02f3242edadf75ff4f34bfd0ac58e 1 PND
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR 6d2d500d000e13107501214074a2eeb0d9d6c3c9c435853419716934ca8a8b6c 100125 PND
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR 46f9fa5dcaf0e653039aa13b7faeea5a0bc07c084dc966ec8ebcd8cf1eb14d3a 225000 PND
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR e180ab1563f3b7a22745180291747d25030ed4c27864487e7d31dce8a9e67355 125342.223121 PND
PUbneFFdRG8kq69m3L6z8AWyv6nqR2Zh51 c9027f4ae33821246c8a124be4cc21da87cf1f48cb5ecb0b4b7aa8c57d84bb4f 100 PND
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR Votes Yes: 4
Total PND 450468.223121
Total Votes: 6
PUbneFFdRG8kq69m3L6z8AWyv6nqR2Zh51 Votes No: 2
Total PND 101
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