Should we fork and provide a Project funding site like peer4commit?

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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 5:04 pm UTC
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should we fork and provide a Project funding site like
Peer4commit is a website where people raise funds for any kind of project.
Anyone can start collecting funds in a few clicks. You just have to explain what you're going to do with the funds and why people can trust you.
People can easily donate to the projects they want to support by sending cryptocurrencies. The fundraiser can then distribute the funds to the people who make the project happen.
Vote Yes: PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD
Vote No: PPgA72vk8RUWZstw6LWJ6caVPw4d9PTtxU
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PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD 562417aebac8470456169d37cc68c372f9f552e00fe5e31b9410169acf7dd7e9 1 PND
PPgA72vk8RUWZstw6LWJ6caVPw4d9PTtxU 9221bbaac8067c1d592d19e6d2e89725bd7fab3b137b47012e44af84bbef72e5 1.1 PND
PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD 64a8ba340cf774a9e987a5036d1132b8a586b1f351276554ac0359bb61115930 500 PND
PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD 1c623c61543056c23b2f3a3c2faf717af0d35d4efef1b6eb852559dfcefdc094 5000 PND
PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD 0302533ca4db3cb30025070ba35d6bf96452fac8e21caecb347aff7c83e4a056 1000 PND
PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD 35819a3f1599006c8dd4bfffb88b8b267655ea00172306513474b14a6fae8382 8.92640006 PND
PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD 05e838c656723003066d58c195547d13ba47a3c1c96a76f445933689664c8ea3 6.71376005 PND
PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD b8895440192d1ff9f361709f96bdd2e200a5214a6f0f516228cf7ccb5b658b98 68.8985543 PND
PPgA72vk8RUWZstw6LWJ6caVPw4d9PTtxU 6b7fd049f954b0e3bfa8c4c6e7e7c6efa3613aaebdf3eeafc77f03a22af194cc 100 PND
PNDbpbuX63WhjqC448Dqeuxg7yYYiBXhtD Votes Yes: 7
Total PND 6585.53871441
Total Votes: 9
PPgA72vk8RUWZstw6LWJ6caVPw4d9PTtxU Votes No: 2
Total PND 101.1
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