Should Pandacoin consider having it’s own exchange site?

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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 5:05 pm UTC
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Should Pandacoin consider having it's own exchange site?
Vote Yes: PNaNEw2G6jgRMQzJmWjuGvvhiUh2Dc9Lxi
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PNaNEw2G6jgRMQzJmWjuGvvhiUh2Dc9Lxi 00ad169efe414f036a01ba0ca56d317c09038f62e7ddbe8129f98ac6358929e3 2 PND
PTuFFGEDR1nqsZ7328B5BMDKREvXVDfzoJ ab7611ae1d9eaa0c72b404e8a99dfd298c482833770b909be60978c9db26b76b 1 PND
PTuFFGEDR1nqsZ7328B5BMDKREvXVDfzoJ 618f777653f681dd7cdf6850fe6bb74ffc92a070bf9147181590607a5fa82126 3 PND
PTuFFGEDR1nqsZ7328B5BMDKREvXVDfzoJ c4253bba9c597ff8728e2fb4071a8ff4bbc774eca80e7e836db4793782ab3b09 2 PND
PNaNEw2G6jgRMQzJmWjuGvvhiUh2Dc9Lxi Votes Yes: 1
Total PND 2
Total Votes: 4
PTuFFGEDR1nqsZ7328B5BMDKREvXVDfzoJ Votes No: 3
Total PND 6
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