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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 5:03 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Should the Pandacoin Development team provide an easy to use shifting to and from Litecoin?
Vote Yes: PPxaf6WZzK2NPTvyvED2RBy55V3DbPBQQW
Vote No: PL7ZAGZgcNE596Zp7MAnSMwkQkxrMAQWN1
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PPxaf6WZzK2NPTvyvED2RBy55V3DbPBQQW a1638a8eb35d44a47412f437e082d0a23e449217239fc3c1088eb603152c136e 5 PND
PL7ZAGZgcNE596Zp7MAnSMwkQkxrMAQWN1 471650c53d7b12baed24834b2cfc8b765c75c44dc3da9ed48b18956b7d05383b 1 PND
PPxaf6WZzK2NPTvyvED2RBy55V3DbPBQQW 4c85ba7e7959edab0b186820af8684e2b760703e775a2203c038ec40e9a1c5e7 750 PND
PPxaf6WZzK2NPTvyvED2RBy55V3DbPBQQW 8414529f31afec95bf5b41deb9db9d73cab3fb95350bdce323174089ea962a9b 1 PND
PPxaf6WZzK2NPTvyvED2RBy55V3DbPBQQW Votes Yes: 3
Total PND 756
Total Votes: 4
PL7ZAGZgcNE596Zp7MAnSMwkQkxrMAQWN1 Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
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