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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 4:00 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Should we prioritize Pandacoin IOT projects and making it easy and create helpful tools for putting key Data on our blockchain?
Vote Yes: PLw37aHnzuNydRKEGWP1VUtPzuMD4Sxcud
Vote No: PUXm18j8ZpNWhGNqx1XBaJADX2s5eFwLQ4
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PLw37aHnzuNydRKEGWP1VUtPzuMD4Sxcud e8932cf4cda7739f618398411a4b1b942c59346733013f86ca7d8b665639452f 1 PND
PUXm18j8ZpNWhGNqx1XBaJADX2s5eFwLQ4 7dc4ece7c67f850b092700b8333f23e253c05589e71babf28b6d0b3fa14beeb4 1 PND
PLw37aHnzuNydRKEGWP1VUtPzuMD4Sxcud 5d3a6df82aad531c9b02aa8cd7fc8aab5e5767ac51e73b6f19bb26a410436c92 100000 PND
PUXm18j8ZpNWhGNqx1XBaJADX2s5eFwLQ4 2729decd7dd9bbd78e3c4f8a37eb54b3466944424653cc7dfd6f858137442557 10 PND
PLw37aHnzuNydRKEGWP1VUtPzuMD4Sxcud 6389105b6f15999e19c0c82d9e870c4101f3e356d5a55f4ff6561fd2e6d75ad4 100 PND
PLw37aHnzuNydRKEGWP1VUtPzuMD4Sxcud Votes Yes: 3
Total PND 100101
Total Votes: 5
PUXm18j8ZpNWhGNqx1XBaJADX2s5eFwLQ4 Votes No: 2
Total PND 11
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