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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 5:01 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Should the Pandacoin Development team prioritize getting PandaBank Hybrid and litemode in a more complete and polished state ?
Vote Yes: PWGwoHVEnfsS6Q71eWiCBajPRNpJna8JSW
Vote No: PGheiP9sEC1Kiw7oFZtD6dwLcab5hx4niY
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PWGwoHVEnfsS6Q71eWiCBajPRNpJna8JSW 22cf5a09e14d08358b54247d4ede495edcd66b3c59ead068cce30e5a2d7331da 1 PND
PGheiP9sEC1Kiw7oFZtD6dwLcab5hx4niY 453881ba07bb94db4e87b8ffab65c3e58edd9c13cb9a16c6140376975fd01a29 1 PND
PGheiP9sEC1Kiw7oFZtD6dwLcab5hx4niY 824f04e806b710f539ca8474a1177100ca61bec3995d57e06264a181c4cf51ec 1 PND
PWGwoHVEnfsS6Q71eWiCBajPRNpJna8JSW 08c2e205ee6e471b21b81da08c9d7cf2770ed4782ca7f520ea3f2913a5e0bf37 1000 PND
PWGwoHVEnfsS6Q71eWiCBajPRNpJna8JSW 0b39fd680bbe6edddc6d318521d5d900bd1ab17a40fb54c13e93bd3b9439908e 1000 PND
PWGwoHVEnfsS6Q71eWiCBajPRNpJna8JSW daf57f660653d59870e64669e773896b634cdf625a30cd86340f4243e4c95ec6 5000 PND
PWGwoHVEnfsS6Q71eWiCBajPRNpJna8JSW Votes Yes: 4
Total PND 7001
Total Votes: 6
PGheiP9sEC1Kiw7oFZtD6dwLcab5hx4niY Votes No: 2
Total PND 2
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