“Dimash & Tengri – Swan Goose” Singers REACTION

Cypherfunk Voting System

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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 4:00 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Cypherfunk to either the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Cypherfunk address provided

Thumbs Up: Cc7AMTGh3JgZ1asMUd2sexHNX7WsKZrFrL
Thumbs Down: CdKXNxWfQWRatjJtyaCcxS6AzTcc7WKvAa
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
Cc7AMTGh3JgZ1asMUd2sexHNX7WsKZrFrL d2b6b3419341b2698bcca22d73ad91b76f1f48de346eaa28dfee5347e2b0e7e9 7 FUNK
CdKXNxWfQWRatjJtyaCcxS6AzTcc7WKvAa a3f8cee3e58ca581073fe58de26e983f6fe98afca6ae9d14dd539cd364e09af1 1 FUNK
Cc7AMTGh3JgZ1asMUd2sexHNX7WsKZrFrL 226dc238be93fb9e4c670ea96cf036ebd9f204a23b421b8ebf2669cae77bc16a 5 FUNK
CdKXNxWfQWRatjJtyaCcxS6AzTcc7WKvAa 4e5b511733ec4d7291ebfa69de9f4bbdc7ab42a9d0ba561eca266475ab6c33c6 0.5 FUNK
Thumbs Up: 2
Total FUNK 12
Total Votes: 4
Thumbs Down: 2
Total FUNK 1.5
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