Digital Pandacoin Vote Mud

Pandacoin Voting

Experimenting with Pandacoin voting, for our first vote we would like to know your vote on using Pandacoin to vote for our community decisions.
Count updated every 15m
Last Update: July 30th 2020, 4:00 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Would you play a texted based multi user dungeon game if you could earn Crypto Currency?
Vote Yes:
Vote No:
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PQ86RbtQFxEycdvRPZ8Ee7XvUE1wRv7T2P 54fb020f3f1408b8554ad278a7bd1d49cf9ed0f622f31628c3086cdf2b56e508 100000 PND
PQ86RbtQFxEycdvRPZ8Ee7XvUE1wRv7T2P ec4cf7ea21eb043c0a370c0f1eabe65604ea63c4406679bc6dba2740f838a3d0 1000 PND
PQ86RbtQFxEycdvRPZ8Ee7XvUE1wRv7T2P 7ba7771844743e7f25f1da190acb95fe1ad0d78c966760e496a9608e8522d9a7 1000 PND
PQ86RbtQFxEycdvRPZ8Ee7XvUE1wRv7T2P Votes Yes: 3
Total PND 102000
Total Votes: 3
PDECXWGcJnoCV7D9oeCeNbpq3kYhRXuKac Votes No: 0
Total PND 0
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