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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 4:00 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Cypherfunk to either the Yes or No Cypherfunk address provided

Should we prioritize the Cypherfunk vending machine interface project?
See for our simulator
Vote Yes: CRnWuYd48dxhBkcbYqZsyzBuKG3aQPJ25T
Vote No: CZq3AzYXRZzyA3cfZZg3FWdCjm93sEWNyw
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
CRnWuYd48dxhBkcbYqZsyzBuKG3aQPJ25T 94fea00f03d40d417f39752a3bbf652a10f7fcffdd459c84c2b2c0bbe74dc09c 2 FUNK
CZq3AzYXRZzyA3cfZZg3FWdCjm93sEWNyw 6ae6c146e68fdbc9685abdac47f4d7695a5092df8690af47e27ccb752023ea97 1 FUNK
CRnWuYd48dxhBkcbYqZsyzBuKG3aQPJ25T 8b2f33077b0bd7d280235af13a7250efea671f6d250e7d622814babe4535197a 5 FUNK
CRnWuYd48dxhBkcbYqZsyzBuKG3aQPJ25T Votes Yes: 2
Total FUNK 7
Total Votes: 3
CZq3AzYXRZzyA3cfZZg3FWdCjm93sEWNyw Votes No: 1
Total FUNK 1
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