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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 4:00 pm UTC
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Should the Pandacoin Development team pursue a automated Checkpoint server to keep our checkpoints updated at all times?
Vote Yes: PAYtL3ZwyTbMMAx3o91k29kTzquLoNyJ3T
Vote No: PLjDHpoeamj7FZJdrrUnQaAD63V969LaUB
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PAYtL3ZwyTbMMAx3o91k29kTzquLoNyJ3T 67d33afaebce8436d16451f618185f5c005c7657629497258f3a4b65a34dcc30 1 PND
PLjDHpoeamj7FZJdrrUnQaAD63V969LaUB 8a5ac02df19a4e4152924fc7ee6f387e25793e5b99659842b5b795bd7ecdf742 1 PND
PLjDHpoeamj7FZJdrrUnQaAD63V969LaUB 8f2ce156d6b1b8631675dc2ca7d7a12939f0540276405d3bc508a784faa02bd4 1 PND
PAYtL3ZwyTbMMAx3o91k29kTzquLoNyJ3T Votes Yes: 1
Total PND 1
Total Votes: 3
PLjDHpoeamj7FZJdrrUnQaAD63V969LaUB Votes No: 2
Total PND 2
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