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Last Update: December 15th 2017, 3:47 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Should Digital Pandacoin used in voting for Pandacoin development and updates go to a developer fund and not to the Pandcoin faucet?
Vote Yes: PWALZQfXicTZokPNeAvY5J2Wa1aB1TgbCW
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PWALZQfXicTZokPNeAvY5J2Wa1aB1TgbCW 1c678990d254ab59e2dd8380159ae6504c806946a6f904e1fdcf460235118ebc 1 PND
PXUZ6WWfWZcmyZDWj1UgbLDaiQUDvCFkgA 9890e77bd717644e012cb8a32488850af04ef6eb96a2c55b171826c2327eab3d 1 PND
PWALZQfXicTZokPNeAvY5J2Wa1aB1TgbCW 2a603026fad93bda3fe77d92eee8dfacf13e7263b8180af475835a1b68c79eb3 1000 PND
PWALZQfXicTZokPNeAvY5J2Wa1aB1TgbCW f2b909f5f6a3e88a4515262d32bca16adc2974f7485c257807da5ec4f24bc82f 178 PND
PWALZQfXicTZokPNeAvY5J2Wa1aB1TgbCW 43a1a3336465c609f2caa4576e38973bbe08b5e9d631c95c02ff998e533665a2 100 PND
PWALZQfXicTZokPNeAvY5J2Wa1aB1TgbCW a2d47cc33d2b3e19915092226f994af2443ee7735100a99a5860c234ebb94641 1000 PND
PWALZQfXicTZokPNeAvY5J2Wa1aB1TgbCW Votes Yes: 5
Total PND 2279
Total Votes: 6
PXUZ6WWfWZcmyZDWj1UgbLDaiQUDvCFkgA Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
All Digital Pandacoin used to vote are added as donations to our Pandacoin Faucet.
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