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Last Update: August 18th 2017, 8:45 am UTC
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Should the Pandacoin Development team prioritize the Virtual PandaBank setup guide?
We have been testing a Virtual PandaBank within our development team, we have a few setup now that are running well. If anyone would like to peek in on our shared demonstrator Virtual PandaBank, here are the details:
The easiest way is here by using tightvnc viewer
IP Port 5955 Password system1
Multiple people can attach to view or try it at once since we have made this and the full control password and connection information available to all slack Pandacoin dev team members. This password is for View-only, so with it you can just see it or watch a Development team member operate / demonstrate our Virtual PandaBanks various features.
Vote Yes: PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR
Vote No: PUbneFFdRG8kq69m3L6z8AWyv6nqR2Zh51
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR e3a84f7ee4deb2bd0e5c70e7f81522e2627327194f74a5618d5b8de47fa25a01 1 PND
PUbneFFdRG8kq69m3L6z8AWyv6nqR2Zh51 4f3fa6f9c4c43eff515b049230b30f7395f02f3242edadf75ff4f34bfd0ac58e 1 PND
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR 6d2d500d000e13107501214074a2eeb0d9d6c3c9c435853419716934ca8a8b6c 100125 PND
PGWMxTj9DHzB9yTWcDXf7GJfrpYyq4V5ZR Votes Yes: 2
Total PND 100126
Total Votes: 3
PUbneFFdRG8kq69m3L6z8AWyv6nqR2Zh51 Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
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