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Last Update: July 30th 2020, 5:02 pm UTC
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Should we prioritze providing a 2019 roadmap document as an overview of our Project status based on current votes?
Vote Yes: PDHdaZVyeTio42AhcMuTp61zFVksgfCyHp
Vote No: PRP1ihEwjGhLmy3vF59LXKAk2GVSUN7T5T
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PDHdaZVyeTio42AhcMuTp61zFVksgfCyHp ffc0f8aceac3b23921d462848d8eeff12e085c379d9acc2854ad12bfdbd7e027 10 PND
PRP1ihEwjGhLmy3vF59LXKAk2GVSUN7T5T f4581a9512c3cc26564c997b9e4cfdbca8414835a2a9ef68fd6020afd508170e 1 PND
PRP1ihEwjGhLmy3vF59LXKAk2GVSUN7T5T a5af6434747d574e84ee8b5dc07830f93babade8e2a71249005aa4193de52bbd 1 PND
PDHdaZVyeTio42AhcMuTp61zFVksgfCyHp 74ddcda92f1cdc414b688b6f2e751a63e09537b252bc241766fd9b263c3a73d9 10 PND
PDHdaZVyeTio42AhcMuTp61zFVksgfCyHp ad6fce5d702e82ef171fe46c3d7f27b8115defb4880d143d9b5122f442619762 19.294394 PND
PDHdaZVyeTio42AhcMuTp61zFVksgfCyHp Votes Yes: 3
Total PND 39.294394
Total Votes: 5
PRP1ihEwjGhLmy3vF59LXKAk2GVSUN7T5T Votes No: 2
Total PND 2
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