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Last Update: December 15th 2017, 3:47 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Should the Pandacoin Development team prioritize getting Pandacoin payment services / support for buying and selling using Pandacoin ?
Vote Yes: PVkfob69wRbBP5Yd4omKb68SHWbg1pZqL3
Vote No: PSKb2bX3YQJkRgzhJPpmMb9ni5UmUh5euM
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PVkfob69wRbBP5Yd4omKb68SHWbg1pZqL3 e8038bf53540b8e5f757127a0f7794f0c1eabb45227016978c1c3cbe1a958413 1 PND
PSKb2bX3YQJkRgzhJPpmMb9ni5UmUh5euM 5dadc78cf7e9369d5cee3e1d656fc24dbb2f76fd061cf17f9fd31ff70d5541ff 1 PND
PVkfob69wRbBP5Yd4omKb68SHWbg1pZqL3 b5d74ab40b3480f45adb20b387f3194e69a7f7f53c1ab72daf1bb7202e4d28cb 1 PND
PVkfob69wRbBP5Yd4omKb68SHWbg1pZqL3 c071276ec3e1f7e677cc7ae15189bafd6e0746ee4ff2c3b60c95fa5618abcf01 5000 PND
PVkfob69wRbBP5Yd4omKb68SHWbg1pZqL3 6c0628ca7f43cd81c763ff90710b9e281e55f2849ade2d57c8d01f2e6a0bf767 1000 PND
PVkfob69wRbBP5Yd4omKb68SHWbg1pZqL3 Votes Yes: 4
Total PND 6002
Total Votes: 5
PSKb2bX3YQJkRgzhJPpmMb9ni5UmUh5euM Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
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