Pandacoin Snapshot

(The Fastest Way to Sync)
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You will need a program that can uncompress tar.gz files, example: or

Windows Snapshot ::
Windows MD5 sha-256 Checksum :: AE2AAB8DE575B63723C872472D5D5F2C65F0CF08AA1E86B5797F96055AE30ECC

Linux Snapshot :: pandacoin-linux-blockchain-8-12-18.tar.gz
Linux MD5 sha-256 Checksum : 4ABF9C6BF58BFDD9AB870263465401C3BA1FDFC15FD92BB3904E615AA9BD9963

Mac Snapshot :: pandacoin-mac-snapshot-8-12-18.tar
Mac MD5 sha-256 Checksum :: 000BF300C5EDF49A51BAE249570FFAD430ADB339734E22E7EDE87A42D05E0D02 can be used to verify the above SHA-256 checksum.
NEW Wallet: Install Instructions
Make a Pandacoin folder under C:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\
Then Extract and copy the files from PandacoinBlockchainSnapShot.rar into
Then open Pandacoin-qt.exe and it will start syncing the BlockChain from the last snapshot.

ACTIVE Wallet:Install Instructions ,
(Be sure to have a backup of your Wallet.dat 1st)
Make sure Pandacoin is closed
Go under c:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\Pandacoin (for Windows) or in the Pandacoin data folder for other OSes
Then Delete 5 files : .lock & blk0001.dat & db.log & debug.log
Then Delete 2 folders named : database & txleveldb
Then Extract and copy the files from PandacoinBlockchainSnapshot into
Then open Pandacoin and it will start syncing the BlockChain from the last snapshot.

Once your Pandacoin Wallet is completely Synced.
Check your Balance, if the Balance is incorrect.
Click on Help, click Debug Window, click Console,
type in repairwallet and hit enter, then check your Balance
If Balance is still not correct.
Then From a Command Prompt run Pandacoin-qt -rescan
will take a little while but should correct your balance info.

Another option is to use the latest Pandacoin Bootstrap

How to install a Bootstrap.dat file 

After downloading and uncompressing the zip file  ,

Start up your new PandaBank,
after it opens, then Close it, (In windows , this allows the new wallet to create the folder under C:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\Pandacoin )

Copy the bootstrap.dat file in the folder c:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\Pandacoin (for Windows) or in the Pandacoin data folder for other OSes. Now Start the PandaBank to import the BootStrap.dat , (Depending on your PC and the size of the bootstrap , this can take many hours) (You can watch the progress of the import by opening the folder c:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\Pandacoin and watch the blk0001.dat file size to see how close it is to the bootstrap.dat to get a feel for how much longer it might be)  once finished it will then begin synchronization to retrieve any blocks found after the Bootstrap was created. (Tech Note, PandaBank will not completely Open until it finishes the Import.)

Bootstraps can dramatically decrease the time required to sync a new PandaBank. The only thing faster is a Blockchain Snapshot , which is currently the fastest way to sync a coin.