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Last Update: December 15th 2017, 3:45 pm UTC
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Should the Pandacoin Development team prioritize getting a new high quality website?
Vote Yes: PVMdMpKwYWWfVJFvuBMo8eibgjDHMrRizb
Vote No: PVf1wSyimEpmFVCwCK4mC9fqug719FpN6Q
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PVf1wSyimEpmFVCwCK4mC9fqug719FpN6Q e35421d8487fc90ba228b0f9a62ef6a49ab5608a6ba9cb1befcb3c5c75988ce2 1 PND
PVMdMpKwYWWfVJFvuBMo8eibgjDHMrRizb 1203597065f553c65f126016dd9cea1d616c1f29c064c1299fb80c679f36e7ed 1 PND
PVMdMpKwYWWfVJFvuBMo8eibgjDHMrRizb 97bc690be66e7dc33867ede42a4b049e192376aebe6467ceb5c8e7d143e9093c 576.59424747 PND
PVMdMpKwYWWfVJFvuBMo8eibgjDHMrRizb Votes Yes: 2
Total PND 577.59424747
Total Votes: 3
PVf1wSyimEpmFVCwCK4mC9fqug719FpN6Q Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
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