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Last Update: July 26th 2017, 2:31 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Should the Pandacoin Development team pursue a Master node structure for our network?
Vote Yes: PTuvBPtv7iAWxRfB9unrBchoBCKuwNxCh6
Vote No: PAe4pA2SoTdXp9Pzg411wHfVqWgJcjd5wx
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PTuvBPtv7iAWxRfB9unrBchoBCKuwNxCh6 e2593359e74789d9fe969db55037dc9532913eecb4d7ed54d6d886ba4fc0cc79 1 PND
PAe4pA2SoTdXp9Pzg411wHfVqWgJcjd5wx 7951ff9615061220514e0c3ecc27a67b11429f3bca7b710f2622ebebf4eed517 1 PND
PTuvBPtv7iAWxRfB9unrBchoBCKuwNxCh6 ecc0b75529c2880221c1247dbbb91cb8220269de067ddbd6e5c299af71fa537f 990 PND
PTuvBPtv7iAWxRfB9unrBchoBCKuwNxCh6 02c31706475c83c570f9239c0abb159035ec37ae2259b74438681d9c36ef7b43 10000 PND
PTuvBPtv7iAWxRfB9unrBchoBCKuwNxCh6 784b88103f7fe0f8eaae9c96d15da49e598cf479f37c948eca3aa5971eba67fe 57993.0107141 PND
PTuvBPtv7iAWxRfB9unrBchoBCKuwNxCh6 Votes Yes: 4
Total PND 68984.0107141
Total Votes: 5
PAe4pA2SoTdXp9Pzg411wHfVqWgJcjd5wx Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
All Digital Pandacoin used to vote are added as donations to our Pandacoin Faucet.
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