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Cypherfunk Voting System

Experimenting with Cypherfunk voting, for our first vote we would like to know your vote on using Cypherfunk to vote for our community decisions.
Count updated every 15m
Last Update: December 28th 2017, 9:15 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Cypherfunk to either the Yes or No Cypherfunk address provided

Does Voting with your Cypherfunk seem like a good idea?
Vote Yes: Cc4S8Wh6Phu3AwgEHktg3jK8AetfQzCNZn
Vote No: CKx4n8w7EbNnH3gsVRUnWUAp8XfL65PQXT
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
CKx4n8w7EbNnH3gsVRUnWUAp8XfL65PQXT eddf9d3ac3b3d787e45c8c0fb9a117a381b26834e86e27663b38d308f0c951e9 1 FUNK
Cc4S8Wh6Phu3AwgEHktg3jK8AetfQzCNZn 6f1ef9b32609f0b34f174654e2c3192f2baa1a42af78d6dddd9bda872a2969a4 2 FUNK
Cc4S8Wh6Phu3AwgEHktg3jK8AetfQzCNZn 1dd938cb8ee8a10c2190bb702cfe00ddb0854ad341e4193a18c27a281bdb7962 500 FUNK
Cc4S8Wh6Phu3AwgEHktg3jK8AetfQzCNZn 8dd9d83a7e2f4b8923eae220a40615596819e76afeb1aa67fa066d7c782e3932 1000 FUNK
Votes Yes: 3
Total FUNK 1502
Total Votes: 4
Votes No: 1
Total FUNK 1
All Cypherfunk used to vote are added as donations to our Cypherfunk Faucet.
Github Link.

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