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Last Update: November 21st 2018, 6:31 pm UTC
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Should the Pandacoin Developers create a fund and web page to support We can create our own folding team and reward the participants the Pandacoin from the fund?

Folding refers to the way human protein folds in the cells that make up your body. We rely on the proteins to keep us healthy and they assemble themselves by folding. But when they misfold, there can be serious consequences to a person’s health.

Vote Yes: P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w
Vote No: PEHmSWahp3d3wYgaYbqmj5jgs86XTjRQkY
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w 3abf985ee7b91d39dfb54e6116ad752c4c0a0128ce561cba5f67fa4f0bef1c7c 1 PND
PEHmSWahp3d3wYgaYbqmj5jgs86XTjRQkY 5a2ffd6479541dad08bd2baaecdca95651f1d55f27104741565545638654fada 1 PND
P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w 3b1bfce7407f8a8260350c54513f8245240b02bd9a8b7cdf1dcf3fff60a96f0f 1000.5 PND
P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w fec403187fa02b8d38458cecc0bb11dbc9f762750e5fc383e37085616c287109 10000 PND
P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w b5c509d6b7a4ab912b2eef4f2dfbc5694dd25af4b54523667103eb5b212c6958 1000 PND
P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w dca1a1c763a60ef630bf95f00dc846ea0397d3f171a73366bc78aa3a70fefa5a 64.6106488 PND
P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w 148d9f5f24a866286fd176771ff630931a21b0c4b1cd9901f1ddd80720a69f76 60.97635028 PND
P9YPk7bWv4j75aoj2g6g69z3xCKbVVZ45w Votes Yes: 6
Total PND 12127.08699908
Total Votes: 7
PEHmSWahp3d3wYgaYbqmj5jgs86XTjRQkY Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
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