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Last Update: March 22nd 2018, 5:30 pm UTC
Please cast your Vote by simply sending some Pandacoin to either the Yes or No Pandacoin address provided

Should we prioritize developing more Pandacoin easy to follow educational and technical support materials such as help articles and videos?
Vote Yes: PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn
Vote No: PRNBDSwuqNe9sh7iZPZeh8JJEZB5JMYhDk
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn a257555cc1c88eb29272bb31cb1dd2ff4d52fb4a2de1224bd41c835400773352 1 PND
PRNBDSwuqNe9sh7iZPZeh8JJEZB5JMYhDk f180b95b63c541f44880de4fb79664b3e88462e0849596845f1e472a606210b2 1 PND
PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn 6a093b0571caaee1c3dcbc9c7189384b07413ed2b1f586c6a8f57ea8c6f45cf7 10000 PND
PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn a60825d688f14691bd2cb2ee4020fffb5f1d52c2a871dd343bfcef736453f7f2 15000 PND
PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn fe2c193c3cde1a9804367bc6f7a29d571e11fc39579d3a4787c69a3b0ccd9041 1000 PND
PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn a2df74d27cc8012c42608d2bc48ea5550731c4b53a126883423fd812c41c7f73 223000 PND
PRNBDSwuqNe9sh7iZPZeh8JJEZB5JMYhDk 7582d147582a03dd47b8321c2e6f931e1161816726bfe548894b0093f001060c 100 PND
PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn 83f24452c7f4a75243b8e81b7541cd050d1321aeeaa54c9ef882a23e2246ad01 500 PND
PE9gLM1yMTHXv6xKryt77MwkrbfD1stUPn Votes Yes: 6
Total PND 249501
Total Votes: 8
PRNBDSwuqNe9sh7iZPZeh8JJEZB5JMYhDk Votes No: 2
Total PND 101
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  1. Dan King

    Prioritize communication to your coin holders about what is going on with this coin. I bought some only to find no meaningful updates since 2014 and was left wondering if PND was defunct.
    -Put together a roadmap for 2018. Remember that you can only do a few things well.
    -Get Panda Bank squared away. Secure. Working. Easy to use.
    -Have everything in English and Chinese. Website. Banking. Communications.
    -Focus on domination in China and other markets will follow.
    -Have all the mining, processing and back end secure, scalable and designed to work at high scale. Look at how the sudden interest in Crypto broke many major exchanges and their processes.


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