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Last Update: January 23rd 2019, 2:00 pm UTC
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Should our Digital Pandacoin project look into developing capabilities for working with and using artificial intelligence?
Vote Yes: PMtqtgcEH9jiGhwLCb6e2QiJqzeLurD14b
Vote No: PQQAFQXGDKXuK5ro3DsjUpe25y3eoAn6iF
Received Address Transaction HASH Amount Sent
PMtqtgcEH9jiGhwLCb6e2QiJqzeLurD14b e4f42c34d1c221f9f7eab779f10ff5d77a9425b6710571c2e60f61beaaccc309 500 PND
PQQAFQXGDKXuK5ro3DsjUpe25y3eoAn6iF f3f946e42bc2e4d66bfcda3c5cb614266047f26ca8aa32d652279f5112c0fb57 1 PND
PMtqtgcEH9jiGhwLCb6e2QiJqzeLurD14b 8453172605e8f00e15823ec55d6928da1a13b7a1462bc4e5aeeaeaa7357202da 1250 PND
PMtqtgcEH9jiGhwLCb6e2QiJqzeLurD14b f93410aa990a20e20c87c8f84adee16b77ae9e9642250079864e47b5521ec60b 1500 PND
PMtqtgcEH9jiGhwLCb6e2QiJqzeLurD14b dc20b67fddb8d0dca62974104866090a1945765061d760cee278f6a1f7dabf42 29.10272546 PND
PMtqtgcEH9jiGhwLCb6e2QiJqzeLurD14b Votes Yes: 4
Total PND 3279.10272546
Total Votes: 5
PQQAFQXGDKXuK5ro3DsjUpe25y3eoAn6iF Votes No: 1
Total PND 1
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